VACS Primary Objectives

  • To encourage an awareness of aviation and an interest in the mystery and science of flight.

  • To provide and maintain a venue of the operation of Virtual Aviation.

  • To advance Virtual Aviation in the area of operation according to the doctrine and policy laid down by the Commission of Virtual Aviation under the Aero Club of South Africa.

  • To protect the interests of the members and to bring about and maintain close co-operation between the members.

  • To guide and assist members in the administration and general conduct of Virtual Aviation.

  • To encourage members, either as individuals or as members of teams, in local and International tournaments and competitions. 



VACS is recognised by the Aero Club of South Africa and enjoys representation through the Association of Virtual Aviation (AVA). This Association lays down policy that regulates and controls the operation of Virtual Aviation in South Africa. Virtual Aircrew Licenses (Virtual PPL, etc.) are also issued by AVA.


Promotion of Virtual Aviation as a Hobby and Sport


The Association of Virtual Aviation (AVA) is a group of enthusiasts, country-wide, who have as their vision "Striving for a more aviation aware South Africa". Their mission is to promote virtual aviation as a hobby and, in so doing, awaken a desire to experience the wonder and magnificence of flight, well virtually anyway. Membership of the association in not free, fees are however already included in your VACS membership.


Training and Development


VACS offers virtual pilots training in the use of Microsoft Flight Simulator software, 3rd party software which interface with Microsoft Flight Simulator, actual flight training and ATC operation. Although flying is serious business and Microsoft Flight Simulator cannot be viewed as a "GAME", members have fun and enjoy a full social programme. The realism of the aircraft and related systems have astonished real world pilots to such an extent that they openly offer flight briefings using the simulator as an aid.


Membership of VACS


Membership of VACS is not free. Money is required to maintain the facilities and further the objectives of the club. A joining fee of R200 with a renewal subscription each year of R100, includes subscriptions of AVA and VACS and a members embroidered VACS golf shirt and an AVA metal badge. Details are on the joining form under the JOIN VACS menu.