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® VACS has a new website: www.vacs.org.za†† or

® VASC was founded in 2002.

® VACS has currently 37 active members.

® VACS moved to its new location in 2006.

® VACS has at least one major club event every month.

® The names and contact details of the weekly duty officers can be found on the VACS website.

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Volume 1, Issue 1


On the 20 January 2007, VACS held the launch of their new clubhouse at Swartkop AFB.

about the history of VACS, from the days when it was located at the north of the base, to where it is now.

The speeches were followed by an excellent presentation by Graham Walker about a 737-200 flight from FAJS to Madagascar and return, at night, to FAJS.

Jaco Smit ensured the members were well fed during the interval, utilising his braaing capabilities.

So guys, we have a new clubhouse of which we can be proud of. A lot of work has gone into getting it to where it is today. Letís use it, tell our friends and colleagues about it, and strive to ensure that itís packed every Saturday for exciting activities in the field of virtual aviation.

A New Clubhouse for VACS

Weber remained co-opted to the committee as Technical Assistant and Dale Ric-Hansen has also been asked to be the new Webmaster.

The Secretary reported that the clubís financial situation was sound.

Thank-you Andre for the work you did as Chairman.

VACS held its AGM on Saturday, 24 February 2007 at 13:00.

A quorum was present with eight proxies being received.

The Chairman, Andre du Preez, presented his annual report (an excellent one, if I may say so), and informed the members that he was no longer able to stand as Chairman for the

forthcoming year due to other personal commitments. The Chairman nominated Dale Ric-Hansen as the new Chairman, who was duly accepted by the members. The rest of the committee remained the same with Arno Kohler as Secretary/Treasurer, Harry Mole as CFI, Johan Smal as Events Coordinator,† Jaco Smit as Technical Officer. Hennie

VACS Annual General Meeting

VACS Chairman, Andre du Preez, opened with a welcoming speech, which was followed by his committee, Johan Smal, Arno Kohler, Jaco Smit and Harry Mole,† each giving speeches to the members and guests.

VACS CFI, Harry Mole,† gave an informative talk