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Virtual Rand Fun Rally

Add-on Spotlight: Aeroworx Scenery

Text Box: we realized with shock we were the only one’s that found all the waypoints.  To my surprise and the delight of others we won.  We were amazed and with shock we realized we could do rally flying, really do it!  
Many thanks to all that made it possible, I was only the pilot, the tutoring, the sharing, the designing, the tips and most of all, the friendship played a vital role.  To me it plays no role who wins, but that we have fun and enjoy every moment.
Enjoy FlightSim

On Saturday morning, the 17 February, on our way to Rand we (Arno and myself) were chatting about how real all the add-ons for FlightSim are and how wonderful it is to be able to compete with actual pilots.

During the briefing it became clear that it was going to be easier than expected, a given route, only the time and the precision played a role.  Plotting was fun with Johan van Wyk “loering” over our shoulders to check.  Off I went and nothing work properly, I

Text Box: didn’t see what I was supposed to see.  After two restarts, making sure everything was working properly, but it wasn’t. I was just about ready to give up, when Shaun, a newcomer to our club arrived and boosted me and then Johan van Wyk checked my scenery and found that it was faulty and fixed it quickly.
After that, everything worked like a bomb, we missed the waypoints by seconds but found them all.  Only after we finished

Aeroworx released their Rand Airport scenery for FS2004 towards the end of last year and also released their Southern African mesh update for FSX in November 2006. Both these releases can be found at

Johan van Wyk and Andre Streyn have been developing free Flight Simulator scenery for South Africa for many years now.

The scenery products that have been created by Aeroworx have become world famous and are extensively used by most, if not all, virtual aviators in South Africa. Johan has committed himself and his team to provide the add-on scenery FREE of charge. All time spent developing the scenery is voluntary and without financial gain.

The sport of Virtual Aviation, especially regarding rally and air racing, would never come to fruition were it not for Aeroworx scenery being so realistic, that dead reckoning navigation and plotting can be done utilizing real world aviation maps. Aeroworx has assisted virtual aviators and real world pilots alike, in bringing the mystery world of Virtual Aviation that much closer to reality through scenery enhancement and design.

February Event: Understanding Charts and Maps Presentation

Text Box: CTV VOR at FACT, fly the holding pattern of 196° outbound and 016° inbound, each time descending by 1000 ft to eventually land on 01 at FACT, AND all of this in IMC conditions, and at night! WOW! 
Well, Harry did such a great job at explaining and Text Box: VACS Chief Flying Instructor, Harry Mole, really exceeded expectations with his presentation about approach plates and flying holding patterns on Saturday, 24 February.
The balance between theory and practice was perfect and provided an environment for long-term Text Box: learning.
Harry explained how we were going to fly from the  CTV VOR at FACT on a heading of 016, intercept the 140° radial of the RIV VOR at Robben Island, change heading to 320° to track the 140° radial of the RIV VOR, fly back to the Text Box: showing us how to do this that each of us at the presentation learnt something new. 
Each of us will now look at holding patterns and approach