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Volume 1, Issue 1

Member Profile: Harry Mole, CFI for VACS & Chairman of AVA

Text Box: Born in the town of Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia on the 9th February 1958.  Father was a manager for a milling company, Mother was a hairdresser. Both South Africans born and bred in Woodstock, Cape Town.
To single out the actual moment when he fell in Love with aircraft and aviation would be easy.  The first Mirage III flew to Louis Botha Airport for an airshow in 1964.  Harry was 6.  The pilot of the aircraft, Captain Dudley Trollip picked Harry up and put him in the cockpit of this fighter jet.
This moment started a mindset that still remains to this day.  Harry started building plastic model aircraft during the early years.  He went onto build balsa rubber powered aircraft and in the early 70’s saved up and bought his first control line PT19 flight trainer. During his grade 11 and 12 years Harry worked at George Airport as a grease monkey for an aircraft maintenance engineer.  He learnt to work on aircraft

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VACS Committee Chatter

Text Box: lead the committee of VACS. I have a passion for aviation and have VACS close to my heart. I will try my very best to fill the shoes of those who have gone before me, and I will make sure that I fulfill my duty to ensure that VACS goes from strength to strength. My committee and I are at your service.”
Text Box: This section of the newsletter will be used to provide information that the VACS Committee deems important for the members.
It is extremely important to remember that each VACS member must obtain the new access card and car disc for entrance Text Box: into Swartkop Air Force Base. There is very little time left for this to be done. Your photo needs to be sent to Harry Mole who then has to get the access card signed by the base CO.
From the Chairman: 
“Thank-you for putting your confidence in me to fulfill the portfolio of Chairman and

further levels such as the history of VACS, the VACS constitution, the committee, the active VACS members list, the club rules, and club directions. New members can join online now with all member data and payment transactions done electronically aided through the website. These newsletters will also appear on the site, as well as a gallery of photos of VACS related events.


engines and flew many hours with kind hearted pilots. His dream to become a fighter pilot was still evident and in 1977 he was accepted as a conscript to the Air Force for 2 years.  He failed his eye test due to an astigmatism on Pilots selection and chose the next best noblest work and became a regimental instructor/ PTI. Joined permanent force in 1978 and has had a 30 year career to date specialising in Training as an Instructional Designer and manager.

He commenced flying radio control aircraft in 1980 and bought his first computer to fly flightsim in 1982, a ZX Spectrum 48k.  In 1984 Harry commenced Private Pilot Training and after going solo at 6:55 hours completed the course at Wonderboom airport 2 months later.  He continued to fly for 10 years together with, flightsim and radio controlled aircraft.  Sadly after 375+ hours, Harry had to throw in the towel due to financial constraints and exorbitant costs of flying. His flightsim flying culminated in him together with 6 other enthusiasts founding a club called Independent Airlines at Air Force Base Swartkop in 1997.  This was the birth of formal Virtual Aviation in South Africa. Harry was the club secretary for 6 Years and later moved on to be the Chairman of AVA since 2003.  He has also been the CFI for VACS since 2004.

Harry holds National Colours for Virtual Aviation received during 2003 for participating and successfully completing the International Air Race, Battle of the Airlines. Harry finished 20th out of a field of 1500 pilots in the world and 1st in the team of 6 from South Africa. Harry together with his long time friend and team mate Bob Corbett, have raced in all 5 BOTA Air Races since the FS6 days (1997).

Harry is married to Michelle. The couple have 6 children and 5 grand children.